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Hi there!

I am a composer/academic based in Lancaster UK. Currently available for: guest lecturing, music composition
and audio production projects. For more information and project samples please
leave me an email below. My multichannel studio is suitable for writing, post production and solo
recording sessions. One of my specialities is in the area of spatial audio, multichannel mixing from quad to 32.2
I've also developed software for this arena and currently I'm working on an exciting app.
Check for updates in my blog.

  • Composer

    • Orchestral - professional mockups, chamber & string arrangements, piano
    • Jazz - professional mockups, brass arrangements (small to medium ensemble), piano
    • Electronica - minimalist, sound design, synthesis (Supercollider, Csound, ChucK, Max, Processing)
  • Producer

    • Mac digital studio - Pro Tools 12, Logic X, Reason 8
    • Keyboards - Kawai MP9500, Korg Triton.
    • Analogue chain - AKG C214, RME UFX, Genelec 8050B x 8, Mogami Cables
    • Controllers/Plugs - Novation Remote SL25, iControl Pro, iPad x 2 (Lemur, ToucOSC) Slate Digital, Waves
    • Sample libraries - East West Complete Composer and a host of others.
  • Developer

    • Mac Platform - Xcode (iOS)
    • Languages - C, C++, Objective C, Swift,
    • Web - html, css, javascript, php





    PhD Spatial Audio 2012-2015

    University of Limerick, Digital Media & Arts Research Centre (DMARC)
    Thesis: Spectral Precedence Methodologies in Spatial Auditory Research;
    Perceptual Evaluation of Spatial Attributes in 2D and 3D Virtual Auditory Display Environments


    MPhil. Trinity College Dublin 2009-2011

    A two year taught masters in music and media technologies. This was an intensive two year course covering a variety of modules; Composition (electroacoustic, mixed media,) Electroacoustic history, Orchestral arranging, Aural studies, Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Audio Engineering, Film Editing, Media Theory, Media Technology, Programming (C, Csound, Processing, Max). Composition studies during this time were with; Donnacha Dennehy, Linda Buckley and Roger Doyle.

    LGSM Dip. Newpark School of Music 2002-2005

    This three year diploma with a focus on jazz piano performance, also included a number of modules; Ensemble Labs, Rhythm studies (compound time signatures and Carnatic music), Music Theory, Aural studies (rhythms, major/minor modes, chords), Jazz Arranging (small to medium ensembles). The final project presented original compositions influenced by MBASE (Macro Basic Array of Structured Extemporisation). Masterclasses during this time included; Dave Liebman, Jason Moran, Bobo Stenson and Mark Levine.


    ‘On Prediction of Auditory Height in Ambisonics’, Gavin Kearney and Tony Doyle, 3rd International Conference on Spatial Audio, Graz, September 2015.

    ‘A Virtual Loudspeaker Database for Ambisonics Research’, Gavin Kearney and Tony Doyle, 3rd International Conference on Spatial Audio, Graz, September 2015.

    ‘A HRTF Database for Virtual Loudspeaker Rendering’, Gavin Kearney and Tony Doyle, 139th International Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, New York, October 2015.

    ‘Height Perception in Ambisonic Based Binaural Decoding’, Gavin Kearney and Tony Doyle, 139th International Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, New York, October 2015.


    Irish Sound Science & Technology Convocation August 2014
    National University of Ireland (NUIM) Maynooth, Co. Kildare
    Selected to present a peer reviewed research paper: Experiment to Evaluate the Implementation of Spatial Extent with Spectral Spatialisation.

    Irish Sound Science & Technology Convocation
    August 2013 Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) Dunlaoire, Dublin.
    Selected to present a multichannel composition and research paper at the ISSTA convocation.
    Piece: Universal Theme – Octophonic work demonstrating source width extents.
    Paper: Perceptual Effects Associated with the Spatialization of Partials in a Multichannel Audio Environment

    The Dublin Art and Technology Association (D.A.T.A.) Media Graduates Event
    May 2012 Science Gallery Trinity College Dublin
    Selected participant to present graduate research with focus on multichannel audio, spatial audio perception and application development.

    Workshops / Summer Schools

    2nd Summer School on Auditory Cognition
    July 2012 Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK
    Selected to participate at the AC School in the Cognition Dept.
    Lectures on Neuropsychology, ASA, Environmental Sound & Music Cognition
    Group project work and presentation at the end of the Summer school.

    5th TWS EM Academy Tokyo Wonder Site
    December 2011 Tokyo, Japan
    Selected participant at the 5th TWS EM Academy
    Presentation of composition & project with Ensemble Modern & Academy Participants.
    (Funding: Culture Ireland)


    Composer/Producer/Developer — 2002-Present

    • • Performer/Musical Director - performing (classical/jazz ensembles), musical director (musicals/bands), recording (solo performers)
    • • Composer - Mixed media projects with video artists and film makers
    • • Programmer - Bespoke interactive audio applications for sound artists
    • • Tutor - music performance/composition skills
    • • Music technology advisor - DAW and synthesis environments

    Postdoctoral Researcher — Apr - Nov 2015

    Worked as a research associate on the EPSRC-funded project Spatial Audio for Domestic Interactive Entertainment (SADIE). This project included the examination and development of innovative methodologies for the creation of a HRTF database for ambisonic configurations. Contributed to several publications related to this project, including presenting at the 3rd International Conference on Spatial Audio and the 139th Audio Engineering Society Convention.

    Spatial Audio Workshops — Aug 2014 - Jan 2015

    Delivered a series of spatial audio workshops to colleges in Ireland and the UK. These were
    designed to introduce participants to the technologies, theories and practice related to spatial audio
    composition, sound design and research developments.
    Delivered over three blocks:
    • First presented the history of spatial audio development and audio demonstrations of spatial panning algorithms and multichannel compositions.
    • Second block gave participants hands-on experience of a spatial application to experiment and perform a spatial work.
    • Third block introduced perceptual evaluation methodology with participants taking part in a perceptual listening test.

    Associate Lecturer in Media and Communications Departments, Dublin City University — 2011-2013

    Responsibilities and lecturing:
    • • Position included undergraduate lecturing; multimedia studies in sound production and communication studies in film sound.
    • • Technical: Studio - Advanced studio techniques, stereo microphone placement, creative recording, live radio broadcast, MIDI and music software.
    • • Technical: Editing and Mixing - Advance ProTools editing techniques, manipulation and mixing. Sound for films and multimedia projects.
    • • Project Development - Research, interpretation of a brief, pre and post production strategies, peer appraisal and critique.
    • • Appraisal of film sound - An advanced analysis of sound, silence, music and voice in multimedia projects.
    • • Technical: Film Sound - Advanced film sound techniques.

    Invited Symposia / Workshop

    2nd Auditory Cognition Summer School — May 2012
    Selected to participate from an EU wide call for researchers in the domains of perceptual research that included machine learning, music cognition, auditory cognition and creative practice. An intensive ten day summer school dealing with the aforementioned areas including lectures on neuropsychology. I led a group project that was awarded best presentation of the school.
    Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA) — Jul. 2012
    Selected from a national call to showcase emerging talent and provide a public platform for innovative projects happening across Art, Digital Media, Technology and Interactive Design. This was a competitive process with seven places for which I was selected. Presentation included development of a spatial application informed by psychoacoustic research.

    Invited speaker/events

    Acoustic Ecology and Sound Recording Residency — Aug. 2016
    Invited to co-facilitate a sonic arts residency with sound artist Linda O Keeffe in the La Fatarella municipality in the northern Terra Alta region of Spain. Participants were guided in field recording and post production methods.
    [HE]ARTS OF STEM Festival — Feb. 2016
    Invited to present and demonstrate doctoral research. Held at Ulster University’s Belfast and Magee (Derry/Londonderry) campuses and FabLab NI (Nerve Centre, Derry) as part of the 2016 NI Science Festival. Participants were introduced to my work on spectral precedence methodologies in spatial audio and how this work informs developments in spatial auditory research.
    Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association (ISSTA) — Aug. 2014
    Invited to present a spatial audio workshop: Participants were introduced to historical developments in spatial audio compositions and technological developments including panning algorithms, dvd formats/layouts, spatial composition environments and current developments in spatial auditory research.

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